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Our Values

At Bond Turner, we take immense pride in our core values when it comes to our legal expertise, client service, and professional standards.

Our values are at the heart of our firm’s culture. At Bond Turner, we take immense pride in our core values when it comes to our legal expertise, client service, and professional standards.

Hard work
To secure a successful outcome for our clients, nothing replaces hard work.  We put in the time required to understand your matter, prepare submissions, organise comprehensive rehabilitation or counselling where appropriate, try to settle your case out of court, and if necessary, work with Counsel to represent you at trial.

We know you have a choice of legal representation; therefore, we never take any client for granted.  You can be confident when you instruct us we will make your matter our priority and do the work required to ensure you receive your desired outcome.

We understand the courage it takes to bring a claim, which is why, when a client instructs us, we give our full commitment to ensuring they achieve success.  And when it comes to success, we find out what this means for you, rather than impose our idea of a legal victory.

We also demonstrate our commitment in other ways, such as always ensuring we communicate with you, ensuring you understand how your case is proceeding, and taking the time to listen to any concerns you and your family may have.

The end result
Although we are focused on providing compassionate, empathetic client care and support, we know that if you are instructing a solicitor, you expect them to achieve the end result you desire.

Our commitment to achieving a successful outcome in your case will not waiver, and you can be confident everyone working on your matter is collaborating and focused on achieving the best possible outcome.

Our support services are unmatched within the legal industry.  When it comes to personal injury, we are fully committed to ensuring our clients get the rehabilitation they need to make a full recovery.  For victims of catastrophic injuries, we can arrange meetings with carers and counselling services for family members, struggling to cope with their ‘new normal’.

We understand that litigation can be stressful; therefore, we support our clients throughout the litigation process, and our in-house translators ensure that language never becomes a barrier to accessing justice.

We take a commercial as well as personal perspective on the legal matters we handle.  Our commercial solicitors are business people first, lawyers second.  Our team is committed to ensuring our clients’ commercial ambitions are achieved, and their best interests are protected.

Regardless of the size of claim or legal matter presented to us, we are committed to treating all our clients in the same friendly, approachable manner.  Our solicitors have a deep respect for the fact that some clients are nervous about taking legal action.  Over the years, we have developed a culture of approachability, flexibility, and friendliness, and this permeates into every interaction our team has with not only our clients, but with the community as a whole.

Most people who seek legal advice do so because they have encountered a problem.  We understand the sleepless nights you may have endured due to a professional’s negligent advice which you have relied on; the embarrassment of a defamatory statement made on social media; and the pain and anguish which results from a devastating car accident.  We often get to know our clients and their families over many years, and they become friends, not only of the firm but the solicitors they work with.  We value people and are committed to treating them with respect and compassion at all times.

We recruit people who are passionate about people, business, and the law.  Our office culture is open, friendly, and positive; encouraging new ideas and collaboration between teams.

Our clients see our passion for themselves.  Because we are 100% focused on our clients and achieving their desired results, we cannot help but get personally involved in your matter.

Being passionate about our work ensures we are tenacious in achieving results.  We will work the hours required and build the relationships needed to win.

Our legal advice evolves to fit your circumstances as they change throughout the life-cycle of the matter.  We are not interested in trying to attach a ‘one-size fits all’ solution to our clients, we deliberately create legal advice which will help you move forward.

“We will either find a way or make one”.  This philosophy is embedded in our firm’s culture.

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