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Liability Disputes/Technical Arguments

Personal injury claims can sometimes be difficult and complex.  It is not uncommon for a Defendant or insurer to deny liability or challenge a claim using technical legal arguments. At Bond Turner, we have a solid track record of vigorously pursuing claims on behalf of our clients, even when faced with the most challenging defences.

Our extensive knowledge of applicable case law, the Civil Procedure Rules, the Highway Code, and relevant legislation (The Road Traffic Act 1988, the Data Protection Act 1998, and the European Communities (Rights Against Insurers) Regulations 2002, to name a few), mean that our expertise gives us the upper hand when dealing with disputed cases and complex litigation.

As a multi-disciplinary practice, not only can we assist you with your personal injury claim and ensure you receive rehabilitation, we have 12 in-house interpreters who will ensure you understand every aspect of your case and can make informed decisions.

Do you have relationships with expert barristers?

At Bond Turner, we have three highly-experienced in-house barristers and strong relationships with the best counsel and KC’s in the country.  Your personal injury solicitor will collaborate closely with the barrister we have chosen to represent you in court.  Our team has vast experience in bringing cases in the High Court and Court of Appeal and we are at the forefront of personal injury law development.

Why choose Bond Turner to manage your personal injury compensation claim?

Our team go the extra mile when it comes to pursuing cases on behalf of clients, and will see cases right through to trial, and if necessary through to appeal, to ensure our clients achieve the justice they deserve.

However, due to our expertise, contacts, and reputation, most claims we work on settle well before trial.  We are experienced in all forms of alternative dispute resolution methods such as round-table negotiation and mediation.  We understand how stressful a court appearance can be.  Our ‘no-nonsense’ approach to litigation ensures our clients recover the maximum compensation and the successful outcome in an out-of-court settlement most of the time.  However, if going to court is inevitable, our barristers and solicitors will provide you with all the support you need.

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