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Support Services

Support Services

Our support services are what sets us apart from other law firms. When we take on a client, we look after them and their family/business partners from the beginning of the claims process to the end.

Below are a list of the support service we offer.

We recognise that language barriers should never prevent access to legal advice and the justice. At Bond Turner, we employ 12 interpreters in-house, and have access to hundreds of interpreters to assist with all languages. Our interpreters can assist clients with the legal process from initial enquiry to settlement of claim, ensuring every part of the process is easy to understand. We can arrange interpreters to accompany you to medical appointments, conferences, court and anything else related to the claim.

The choice of barrister for your case is a fine art and is paramount to obtaining a successful outcome and maximisation of damages. Barristers will assist in drafting docs including court documents, advising, attending conferences and court hearings. We have excellent relationships with leading KC’s and all levels of barrister in varying specialities.

It is essential that you have the right rapport, faith and trust in your barrister. We will select a barrister who has the required expertise in your type of claim and who inspires confidence in trust in you and your family/business partners.

When bringing a claim for personal injury you will need an expert report from a doctor to support your claim. The success of your claim can sometimes hinge on the right selection of medical expert, especially when injuries are serious, or the medical position is complex.

At Bond Turner, we will ensure that you have access to thousands of court approved healthcare experts who can provide medical reports to support your claim. Our team will work with you to ensure that the selection of medical expert is suitable to support your case and we can for a doctor to visit you in your home or care facility if you are too ill to go to them.

Accident locus experts
We deal with complex liability disputes involving multiple vehicles, high speed collisions, and fatalities. The Accident and Locus Report is a key piece of evidence, and we arrange preparation of this on your behalf. We also arrange accident reconstruction reports in serious accidents where liability is disputed to ensure that our clients stand the best chance of success.

Post-accident assistance
We can offer a large range of post-accident assistance and support throughout the litigation process. We recognise that you have been involved in an accident that is not your fault and you probably feel like your world has been turned upside down. We believe all clients should enjoy access to the right post accident assistance regardless of how serious their injuries may be. If we can’t offer direct assistance we can put you in touch with a reputable company who can assist with your requirements.

In addition to our support services, we can assist you with the following in relation to your accident.

Vehicle recovery – if your vehicle is damaged and unroadworthy we can assist you with road side or home recovery.

Vehicle repair or total loss payment – we will arrange for your damaged vehicle to be inspected by an engineer who will declare whether it is repairable or roadworthy.  We will work with your repairing garage to ensure your vehicle repaired to your satisfaction. If your vehicle is written-off because of excess damage, we will arrange for an independent qualified engineer to place a valuation on your vehicle.  Our team will then obtain payment from the at-fault party’s insurance.

Replacement vehicle -if your own vehicle is damaged or off-the-road we can advise you as to a temporary replacement vehicle and guide you on recovering the cost of this back from the at-fault insurer.

Replacement kit and helmet for motorcycle riders and cyclists – many of our clients need immediate access to a replacement helmet following a crash so they can continue to earn a living. Your future safety and wellbeing is our priority; therefore, we will assist with replacement helmets.

Physiotherapy, rehabilitation and private medical treatment – regrettably NHS waiting lists can be lengthy and many of our clients need timely access to physiotherapy, rehabilitation or other private medical treatment. Whether your injuries are minor or life changing, we can assist with all aspects of rehabilitation and private medical care to suit your needs and requirements.

Accountancy services – many of our clients’ claims include past/future loss or earnings claims or other financial aspects that require input from an accountant. These types of claims can be complex. We employ in-house accountants who are able to discuss these issues with you and we can arrange access to other financial experts who can prepare reports to use in your claim for damages.

Home visits – we recognise that owing to the nature of injuries sustained in an accident, you may require home visits. We also understand that whilst you may not have suffered severe injuries, there may be other factors that justify the request for a home visit. At Bond Turner, we are sensitive to the needs and requirements of our clients and will look to accommodate any reasonable request where possible.

Transport throughout the UK to medical appointments, our offices and to court

Owing to injuries and personal circumstances there are occasions where clients will need assistance with transport. We can assist you with transport arrangements. If your case goes to court we can arrange transport, so that you don’t have to worry about finding the court, parking and getting there on time. We recognise that bringing a claim and attending court can be stressful and at Bond Turner we prioritise ensuring you are confident and relaxed throughout the process.

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