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Complex Fractures

Complex Fractures

Road accidents, workplace injuries, slips and trips – all of these can result in devastating bone fractures.

Bond Turner are a niche, multi-disciplinary practice, specialising in large and complex claims. We are proud to have 45 Grade A solicitors and Chartered Legal Executives, plus over 100 solicitors in our team. Some with over 25 years’ experience in serious injury compensation claims.

We have the knowledge, contacts, and resources to provide a holistic service to personal injury claimants, which includes not only obtaining compensation, but accessing the right rehabilitation, providing support for family members and putting claimants in touch with those who can assist them to return to normal life following a serious injury.

What is a complex fracture?

Fractures are considered complex when the bone is fragmented or comminuted, i.e. broken into many pieces, or the soft tissues surrounding the area are severely damaged.  These injuries usually require specialist treatment and can include open fractures, pelvic fractures, and severe ankle fractures.

Complex fractures often require a lengthy period of treatment where claimants need care and assistance at home, and time off work to recuperate.  Victims of complex fractures are often in a great deal of pain, and there is a high risk of infection and medical complications.

How are complex fractures treated?

Severe fractures are commonly fixed using wires, plates, screws or rods, known as ‘internal fixation’; or external fixation, whereby an external frame is used.  This is usually achieved by surgery.

Due to the complexity of such injuries, full recovery can take a considerable time, but if rehabilitation is provided early, the chances of a claimant regaining normal function and movement is greatly improved.

At Bond Turner, we are committed to ensuring our clients access a robust and comprehensive rehabilitation program as early as feasible.  The program may include hydrotherapy, physiotherapy, and additional scans/investigations if required.

Our solicitors and in-house barristers will provide the advice and representation you need to make a successful compensation claim for a complex fracture.  In addition, if English is your second language, we have our own team of 12 interpreters who will ensure you understand every element of the claims process.

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