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Psychological Injuries

Psychological Injuries

In many personal injury cases, clients are injured physically and psychologically.  Psychological trauma, which can often go overlooked, can present with a range of often debilitating symptoms including flashbacks, sleeplessness, anxiety, or specific phobias, especially following vehicle accidents.

At Bond Turner, we understand the complex nature of psychiatric injury, for both primary and secondary victims.  Our team of 45 Grade A solicitors and Chartered Legal Executives, in addition to accountants, interpreters, and barristers, deal with clients who have suffered life-changing injuries and have successfully pursued multi-million-pound claims on their behalf.

What is a psychological injury?

The psychiatric injuries a victim must cope with can easily be neglected, especially if serious personal injuries have been suffered.  The symptoms of a psychological injury vary in severity but can be just as debilitating as a broken bone or head trauma and require specialist treatment.

The most common forms of psychological injury include, post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, adjustment disorders, anxiety, and specific phobias.  Rehabilitation can facilitate access to specialised treatment, and our team can organise examinations by a psychiatrist and psychologist to assess the extent of any psychological injury and treatment required.

What is the Difference Between a Primary and Secondary Psychiatric Injury Claim?

Those who suffer psychological injury are either primary or secondary victims.  A primary victim is someone who was directly involved in the incident that caused their psychiatric injury.  In most cases, the victim would have received physical injuries as well (this can include rescuers).  A secondary victim is a person who has witnessed a traumatic event in which people were injured or killed but was not directly involved.  Claiming as a secondary victim is notoriously complex and hence expert legal advice is required.  Our team can provide this and give you the support you and your family need to recover.

Our expertise, experience and contracts within the mental health community mean we are perfectly placed to help you succeed in bringing a claim for compensation.

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