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Housing Disrepair: Client Story – Damp and Mould

Bond Turner’s Housing Disrepair Team have worked with a client experiencing multiple issues within their property, also occupied by children, including a number of water leaks resulting in damp and mould. The case is being managed by Team Leader Olivia Riley.

Our client

Upon moving into the property together with their three children, the client has experienced a number of issues, of which some pose a degree of harm. This includes active leaks, water pooling resulting in internal water penetration, a defective roof, a leaking toilet with exposed wires in the bathroom and a defective window in the master bedroom.   

The client was concerned about her daughter’s bedroom, which had damaged wallpaper as a result of the disrepair, with worries that the room was too cold and damp to sleep in. 

How Bond Turner helped

Bond Turner was able to support the claimant throughout their case, with works underway. Our dedication to the case will see the necessary further action taken to ensure that all works are completed.  

Bond Turner initially received a Landlord Report in response to the letter of claim and this was deemed not appropriate as it didn’t cover all aspects of disrepair. Our surveyor detailed over £1,800 worth of disrepair in the property, with damaged items including wallpaper and carpet. Following this, an offer was made and settled. However, not all repairs were completed in time resulting in a breach offer to the landlord.  

Sadly, more outstanding works to the property remained and after more delays Bond Turner responded with the option to issue court proceedings whereby the works would be ordered by the Court.  

Bond Turner will be working with the client to ensure that full repairs are completed throughout the breach claim, with a persistent approach. 

How Bond Turner could help you

When making a claim against a landlord, it is important to remember that the primary role of our Housing Disrepair Team is to ensure that the home you live in is repaired as soon as possible. Your health and wellbeing is our main concern. 

To make an appointment with our legal team about a housing disrepair claim, please call 0151 236 3737 or email 


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