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World Day for Safety and Health

What is the annual World Day for Safety and Health at Workday?

World Day for Safety and Health at work takes place annually on 28th April 2024. It was introduced by the International Labour Organisation ( ILO ) in 2003 to raise awareness and prevent accidents and diseases at work. It is held on 28th April because this coincides with International Commemoration Day for Dead and Injured Workers which has been organised globally by the trade union movement since 1996.

This day is dedicated to promoting the prevention of occupational accidents and diseases worldwide. It serves as an awareness-raising campaign to highlight the importance of addressing this issue globally and emphasises how fostering a culture of safety and health can significantly reduce work-related fatalities and injuries.

What is the role of employers in the workplace in preventing occupational accidents and diseases?

Employers have a responsibility to ensure a safe and healthy working environment. They have a duty of care to their employees to prevent them being injured and contracting illness / disease as a result of their work. As part of this duty, the Employer has a legal responsibility to:-

  • identify any risks and health hazards in the workplace,
  • assess the level of risk and implement a safe system of work
  • take sufficient steps to prevent and control those risks

Supporting healthcare workers affected by Covid-19 on World Day for Safety and Health at Work

As part of World Day for Safety and Health at Work, we are showing our support for healthcare workers who are exposed to the risk of contracting Covid at work.

We want to take the opportunity on this day to remember all the healthcare workers who have sadly lost their lives whilst caring for Covid patients during the pandemic.

We are also raising awareness about the impact of Long Covid on healthcare workers who have contracted Covid at work and are suffering with its debilitating effects which in many circumstances could have been prevented by the provision of correct personal protective equipment and engineering controls to ensure adequate ventilation and air circulation.

There is an ongoing need to look at improvements in risk assessment, provision of personal protective equipment and systems of work with many healthcare workers still facing ongoing risks to their health caring for Covid positive patients.

The provision and supply of PPE will remain firmly in the spotlight as part of the Covid Inquiry which will look at lessons learned.

Recognising Long Covid as an Occupational Disease

As well as a devastating impact on physical and mental health, living with Long Covid has had a major financial impact on healthcare workers many of whom have been too ill to return to work, or who have had their employment terminated or are only able to work in a reduced capacity. Sick pay has only been provided for a limited period of time and accessing state benefits has been a challenge for most, with many struggling to access benefits such as Personal Independence Payments and Industrial Disablement Benefit. We support campaigns to recognise Long Covid as an Occupational Disease which would go some way to helping affected healthcare workers to access Industrial Disablement Benefit.

Covid Group Action for Healthcare Workers

Bond Turner is dedicated to supporting healthcare workers dealing with the persistent effects of COVID-19 contracted in the workplace. Our goal is to aid healthcare workers where they are able to in returning to their vital roles by assisting with compensation and facilitating access to necessary treatment and rehabilitation.

Throughout the pandemic, healthcare workers have shown unwavering dedication and care for their patients. Unfortunately, many now face enduring challenges from workplace acquired Long Covid, impacting their physical and mental well-being, careers, and home lives.

On World Day for Safety and Health at Work, Bond Turner urges healthcare workers who suspect they have been affected to come forward and participate in our collective action.

Bond Turner is committed to supporting healthcare workers grappling with the long-term effects of workplace-contracted COVID-19.

To join the legal action initiated by healthcare professionals, including nurses, across England and Wales who are suffering from Long Covid please follow the link below.

The deadline for claims to be formally notified to any potential Defendants is 5th July 2024.  Important steps need to be taken to gather evidence to notify the claim by that deadline so it is essential anybody wishing to instruct a Solicitor to join the action do so immediately.

Join the Action:

Please only complete this form if you contracted COVID-19 at work whilst working as a healthcare professional.

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